Collegium Basilea

(Institute of Advanced Study)

International Activities

The Collegium Basilea hosts the following international organizations:

MEMbrane-coated Optical-grating Coupled Sensors (MEMOCS)

The MEMOCS Network of Excellence is an international collaboration whose aim is to develop novel, ultrasensitive integrated optics-based chemical and biochemical sensors for use in the medical, industrial and environmental fields. The partnership currently comprises more than a dozen academic and industrial laboratories in Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France and Italy. A symposium is held once a year, usually either in Basel or in Budapest. New partners or associate partners are always welcome (enquiries:

MEMOCS was awarded the EUREKA Seal of Excellence in 1993.

The International Federation of Institutes of Advanced Study (IFIAS)

The purpose of IFIAS is to strengthen the global voice and role of institutes of advanced study, especially regarding the upholding of the traditional norms of scholarship in the face of numerous threats, by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information between member institutes (enquiries:

The International Commission for Research Integrity (ICRI)

ICRI was founded in response to the alarming growth of research misconduct around the world. Although a number of national bodies have been founded in recent years (such as UKRIO, the United Kingdom Research Integrity Office, they are generally powerless to act when the perpetrators and victims of misconduct are working in different countries, as is very often the case nowadays. Similarly to the national bodies, ICRI will investigate allegations and, if the available evidence is sufficient, will publish the findings as a case study (initial enquiries: